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Service & Maintenance

Our Service

We provide service and maintenance cover for refrigeration and air conditioning units.

We recognise that to provide a top-class service the following points are key:

  • Fast call-out response
  • High first-fix rate
  • Good Communication

With over 25 years experience we have the capability and know how to meet these requirements.


All contracts are drawn up based on a site survey carried out by Acute Solutions. Contract costs will depend on the number of units involved and the type of unit. Agreements are drawn up on a per annum basis and will include two service visits. See below for cost guidelines.

Emergency call outs that are made whilst under service contract are charged out at a reduced, hourly labour rate. (Terms & Conditions apply.)

Contract Benefits

We advise all clients that Service and maintenance contracts aid maximum performance and achieve the most efficient running costs. Contracts also ensure full commitment from manufacturers on all warranty claims. Replacement parts are normally supplied for upto 3 years on Air Conditioning units that are under a service/maintenance contract with Acute Solutions.

All units purchased and installed by ourselves on behalf of clients fall under our warranty scheme, please contact us for further details.

Guideline Contract Rates
No Of Units Price (+VAT) Term of Contract No. of Maintenance Visits
1 150.00 One year 2
2 250.00 One year 2
3 325.00 One year 2
4 400.00 One year 2
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